Course materials and slides, customized for Girl Develop It by Liz Shaw

Course Materials

Intro to HTML & CSS

This beginner-level course takes you from a blank page to a functioning website, including writing valid HTML, adding links and images, applying CSS styles, and positioning elements.

Intermediate HTML & CSS

This 8-hour class covers HTML5 and CSS3, and includes standard development practices like using a reset stylesheet, fixed navigation menus, hero images, SVG graphics, web fonts, animations, and responsive development.

Getting Started with ES6

This course will help you reformat current ES5 JavaScript code to its nice new ES6 format and get you up and running using ES6 in practical situations. We'll also wave 'bye' to for loops and start coding more efficiently!

Additional Resources

Developer Tools


  • Codrops - Tutorials, templates, CSS experiments, oh my!
  • Smashing Magazine, a front end developer blog with an email newsletter. They also publish books.
  • CodePen, for viewing others' creative CSS and HTML experiments
  • Sidebar, a daily design-oriented newsletter with some HTML/CSS tips

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